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The federal Medicare and state Medicaid programs are comprised of a myriad of regulatory provisions which regulate conditions of participation, coverage and payment of services, and sanctions against non-compliant providers and suppliers. Our work on behalf of our healthcare clients is in that environment, every day.

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Areas We Cover

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  • Certification Requirements and "Deemed Status" by Accreditation

  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment Applications and Reporting of Changes

  • Research and Interpretation of Medicare and Medicaid Program Statutes, Regulations, Manuals, Handbooks, and Other Program Guidance

  • ​Coverage and Payment Issues-Original Medicare National and Local Coverage Determinations, Florida Medicaid Handbook and Medicaid Managed Care Contracting

  • ​Claims Audits and Appeals-Pre and Post-Payment Reviews in Medicare and Medicaid; Multi-Level Administrative Appeals of Original Medicare Claims Denials and Medicare and Medicaid Overpayment Sampling Audits

  • ​Analysis of "Stark" Physician Self-Referral Compliance and Federal Health Care Program "Antikickback" Issues

  • ​Requests for Review and Reconsideration Appeals of Medicare and Medicaid Program Suspension of Payments, Terminations and Revocations, and Federal Health Care Program Exclusions

What We Can Offer Our Health Care Clients

One of the most valuable skills we can offer our health care clients is our understanding of how the governmental health care programs and their bureaucracy are structured, and we know how to efficiently navigate the maze of regulations and bureaucracy as your advocate. We speak the same language that program administrative officials and contractors speak, and we routinely seek to engage in dialogues with such persons in our efforts advocating for and counselling our health care clients.